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Our mission is to advance public awareness of Humanism and of its principals of social progress through dialog, acts of compassion, pursuit of justice, and promotion of critical thinking.

Secular humanism embraces human reason, ethics, justice, and philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience, and superstition as the bases of morality and decision making.

We unite secular humanists and ethical atheists and skeptics in San Diego County of California.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Supporters' Information Request

Dear HFSD Members and Supporters,

May I ask for a few minutes of your time to answer these 10 questions, or only 7 if you say "No" to the first. Your information will be used for internal planning and optionally online to describe HFSD (e.g. website).

  1. Would you like your name to be publicly associated with HFSD
  2. Your full name as you want it to be presented online or to be known among our members.
  3. Your current email address (not for publishing). 
  4. Would you be willing to support us in the future and how? 
  5. On average, how many hours per month would you be willing to contribute, if any? 
  6. What type of contribution would be the most enjoyable and the easiest for you? 
  7. Suggest other people and groups whose information we should request, or who might have files related to our history, or please forward these questions to them. 
  8. Description of you personally for publication, possibly including your interests, profession, activities, credo, vision, upbringing, philosophy, etc.  
  9. Your past contributions to the secular community of San Diego, all forms, preferably with dates (years). 
  10. Please send your response and attach a photograph of you for publication:

Thank you!

Lena Nechet
The Humanist Fellowship of San Diego, President


  1. I just discovered I am a Humanist. Also that others like me exist and are organizing. This is my first attempt to relate with others around humanism. I have no expectations and no plans regarding how I fit into this endeavor, so I will flow for a while and answer your questions later.

    1. Elsa, we are honored to hear that first. Please keep in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


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